The Formidian Family is a family of Alien units that appear in Earth 2160.

Formidian Trooper Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Formidian Trooper

The Formidian Trooper is formed out of a Mantian Lady and can turn itself into a Mantian Princess.

This is a basic Morphid battle unit. It was more or less made redundant as a battle unit when it was revealed that its direct descent from the Mantian Lady enabled it to maintain the DNA coding responsible for transformation. This led to the creation of the Mantian Princess. The unit generates and ejects a caustic substance.

Formidian Guardian Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Formidian Guardian

The Formidian Guardian is formed out of a Formidian Trooper.

The highest level of development among the Formidianids - a battle organism, which is endowed with extraordinary potential thanks to minor DNA modifications . The armor is expanded to twice the original size and the ability to move underground makes the Guardian a tough opponent. The DNA changes increased the concentration of caustic substances generated by its secretion system.