The HT 400 Kruszchev (erronomously called the Caucaus in the manual) is a tank that is available to the Eurasian Dynasty in Earth 2150.

Background InformationEdit

HT 400 Caucaus (Kruszchev) tanks were constructed as defense vehicles. Their most significant features are low speed and very heavy armor. The ED uses them mainly to repulse enemy attacks. Their heavy armor makes them extreme resistant and they can inflict appreciable losses on any opponent. Fighting prowess can be tremendously increased by attaching an add-on.

-Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet manuel. Page 33. Corrected with information from the game.

In-Game Upgrades and DevelopmentEdit

The HT 400 is, as you'd expect, a Heavy Tank. It is highly durable, and also highly flexible given its chassis, since not only can it mount cannons and rockets, but also lasers, ion cannons, and all three grades of shielding. Specifically, it can be equipped with the following weapons (and is effected by upgrades to said weapons):

In addition, it has two improvements, the HT-500 and HT-600. It is the developmental "middle brother" of the ED tank tree, and researches into the HT-800 Ural and is researched from the TT-110 Pamir. It is also the most heavily armored of the three.

It is nowhere to be seen in Earth 2160, presumably replaced by the T-926 Kirov which is debatably a downgrade, as the T-926 lacks HT-400's turret and ability to mount secondary weapons on its turret.