The Heavy Rocket Launcher is a weapon used by all sides in Earth 2150


In all ways, the Heavy Rocket Launcher is just that, a larger, more powerful, longer-ranged version of the Rocket Launcher. Sporting impressive range that puts it well beyond retaliation range of nearly every other weapon in the game and the ability to engage hostile aircraft, the Heavy Rocket Launcher's main downside is ammo quantity and being unable to mount a secondary weapon. It can effectively be mounted on any heavy chassis.

Every faction has the Heavy Rocket and three upgrades for it, plus four Ammunition upgrades, as well as having an aircraft version. As a solid projectile, the Heavy Rocket Launcher ignores shields, and as an indirect weapon it can be used to engage targets that are otherwise blocked by units. The United Civilized States is able to mount its Heavy Rocket Launcher on Light Platforms such as the Spider, or Cargo Salamander, and on top of Heavy Plasma Cannons, and Light Rocket Launchers mounted on the Panther or Jaguar chassis For the Eurasian Dynasty , they are also used to develop the powerful Ballistic Rocket, a long ranged artillery weapon used to besiege bases from beyond retaliation range, and makes the ED WMD.

Equipping UnitsEdit

The following units can use the Heavy Rocket Launcher or its aircraft counterpart.

Eurasian DynastyEdit

United Civilized StatesEdit

Lunar CorporationEdit