The Hermipterian Family is a family of Alien ground support units that appear in Earth 2160. Neither are suitable for direct combat and require other units assisting them in order to achieve their maximum potential. If caught undefended, Hermipterians can entrench themselves to sacrifice movement capability for a substantial increase in defenses and hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Hermipterian Defender Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Hermipterian Defender

The Hermipterian Defender is formed out of the Mantian Princess and is the only dedicated anti-air unit the Aliens have.

Since the Formidians had no effect on enemy airborne units, the ancient race of Builders had to create a radically new kind of unit, one which could perform anti-aircraft (AA) tasks effectively - and the implantation of an autonomic internal secretion system enabled this - as a result, the Hermipterian Defenders use organic caustic substances against their enemies.

Hermipterian Grenadier Edit

Earth 2160 Alien unit Hermipterian Grenadier

The Hermipterian Grenadier is formed out of the Mantian Princess and serves as light artillery. It has a damage multiplier against structures.

Since the caustic substance had no effect on some chemical compounds, the Hermipterianid DNA was enriched by genes that merged caustic substances with the atmosphere, changing the substance from a liquid to a solid state. When ejected, this new acid substance flies further - so the Hermipterian Grenadier is used for destroying fortifications. Due to the resulting reduction in destructive power, Formidian Guardian DNA was added - this enables the unit to dig into the surface of the planet.