UCS2160 MainDefenseTower

The Main Defense Tower is a building in Earth 2160. It is the UCS' primary defensive structure.

It's standard equipment is a chaingun. It can also mount other weapons or a Shield Dispenser

It has four expansion pads and can be expanded with extra bunkers, Heavy Defense Stations or High Defense Towers.

Complex Defense Center. Contains a force field generator and a modular platform for installing diverse battle systems. Requires power supply; should be placed next to an energy transmitter or next to a power plant.

Bunker Edit

UCS2160 MainDefenseAll

Extra Bunkers are one of the possible expansions for the Main Defense Tower. It comes with 2 Silver Ones and 2 more Silver Ones or Silver Ps can be garrissoned inside it. This is the only part of the Main Defense Tower that can function without power.

Fortified Main Defence Tower module for Silver One and Silver P battle cyborgs. Completely independent of power supply.

Heavy Defense Station Edit

The Heavy Defense Station is another possible upgrade. It's role is the defense against ground targets. It's standard equipment is a Plasma Cannon, but it can also be equipped with a Gaussian Cannon or a Rocket launcher. You must've researched the Jaguar to be able to construct this building.

Defense complex auxiliary tower, equipped with a modular platform for installing heavy battle systems.

High Defense Tower Edit

The High Defense Tower focuses on aircraft. It's standard equipment is an anti-air rocket launcher. It can also be equipped with a long-range grenadier. In order to build it, you must first reseach the rocket launcher.

Defence complex tower of extended height, equipped with an advanced anti-aircraft defence system.