A2160 MorphoratorLightCruiser

The Morphorator Light Cruiser is an Alien unit in Earth 2160. It is formed out of a Morphoratorus and needs 5 000 crystal to transform itself into a Postomor Heavy Cruiser or a Postomor Destroyer.

The Light Cruiser is a very powerful unit, being able to attack both ground and airborne units. It can withstand a long bombardement of anti-air missiles thanks to four lasers which destroy the rockets before they are able to damage the ship. A single one can destroy a large enemy force, and three to four of them can destroy practically any enemy base.

Destroying one or more of these can be a real challenge to newer players. The best strategy is to build as many anti-air towers a possible; the four lasers can only destroy a set amount of missiles before some rockets do reach the ship and can inflict damage. This is also possible with units, but since only weak(er) units can wield anti-air missiles, you'll need a lot of them or the Light cruiser will take them out before they can inflict (serious) damage. It appears the lasers are "empty" after a while; "overloading" them can also be a good strategy.

The heart of the Morphid fleet, it is endowed with a quantum cumulation system. The introduction of an additional accelerator enabled the fitting of an anti-rocket protection system. The Morphorator Light Cruiser also has an anti-gravitational generator for crystal material storage and a nest for nanoids, both of which enable it to transform into a Postomor Heavy Cruiser and Postomor destroyer units.