Earth 2160 Alien unit Oryctian Tank

The Oryctian Tank is an Alien unit that appears in Earth 2160.

It is formed out of a Coleopian Tank. It is one of only two Alien units that inflict armor-piercing damage which makes it a nasty surprise against unaware opponents who neglect classic armor. Even then, its weapon does enough damage to more or less completely nullify the limited protection anti-chemical armor provides against this damage type. The best use of this unit is frontline combat where their high health allows them to shield weaker units while delivering their devastating firepower. Against enemies wielding classic armor, Coleopian Tanks are more effective; Oryctian and Coleopian Tanks supporting each other are a serious threat to all ground units as their damage types perfectly compliment each other.

A modified Coleopian Tank. DNA alterations have endowed it with the ability to secret a highly concentrated substance. This substance can penetrate anti-chemical and reflective armors, causing massive internal damage.