Professor Patrick Van Troff is a character in Earth 2160. He is the main antagonist in Earth 2160.

Earth 2160 Van Troff

Van Troff, with the transformed Michael Falkner on the table.

Biography Edit

At first, Van Troff was an ED researcher stationed on Fox Five, were he was researching Alien specimens. However, at some point, the Aliens broke free and infected some of the soldiers stationed at the base. The infected soldiers killed the remaining non-infected ED Troops. Van Troff survived by hiding in one of the base's buildings. He was saved by Michael Falkner, who had orders to invest the sudden lack of communication with Fox Five.

Later, he somehow ended up in a LC base, together with some crates containing some Aliens, captured by the LC. He became the base's scientific leader, with Sebastian as his left hand. However, he had other plans with the Aliens than to just study them. When Commander Ariah arrived at the base, he had transformed himself into an Alien, believing that the Alien race was too powerful for humanity to command and that their only hope was to join the conquerors. After this, he dissapears from the base, together with a large amount of Aliens.

What happens afterwards is not entirely clear, but somehow he reached Eden, expanding his army and attacking bases of all three human races.

When Michael Falkner engaged his forces, Van Troff wanted to make him his second-in-command. He kidnapped Falkner and turned him into an Alien. Under Falkner's command, Van Troff's forces won several large battles against the human forces.

However, Van Troff became more and more frustrated (for various reasons, such as blaiming his "perfect children" of providing wrong information) with Falkner, and eventually sent his commander against the human alliance with only a handful of troops and no airships.

Van Troff was killed in that battle, together with his other ally, Greg Rifkin (who had been turned into an Alien just like Falkner). Falkner was freed from the mental conditioning of Van Troff, because he refused to kill unarmed civilians.