The UCS Power Plant is a building in Earth 2150 and Earth 2160.

Earth 2150 Edit

In Earth 2150, the Power Plant costs 1500 credits and initially provides 400 energy. It can also be expanded with up to four generators, which provide an additional 200 energy each. The design essentially a single massive powerplant that provide energy to nearby area. To serve additional area however a transmission station that draw and redistribute energy to the area needs to be established.

Earth 2160 Edit

UCS2160 PowerSupply

In Earth 2160, the Power Plant costs 300 crystal. It has four expansion pads, on which Cold Fusion Generators or Energy Coordination Centers can be built.

Automatic power plant based on GE PG4-54D Hellfire generators, equipped with short-range GE ET2-2F energy beam transmitters and protective energy field generators.

Cold Fusion Generator Edit

The General Electric PG4-54D. Hellfire plasma generator (Cold Fusion Generator for short), visible on the front and left of the above image is one of the possible expansions for a Power Plant. It costs 100 crystal and 200 metal.

Power plant module equipped with a hyperefficient General Electric PG4-54D. Hellfire plasma generator, designed to increase the basic power output of the power plant.

Energy Coordination Center Edit

An Energy Coordination Center, visible on the right of the above image, is the second possible expansion for the Power Plant. It will increase the output of the Cold Fusion Generators by 25%. For maximum effectiveness use only one Energy Coordination Center and 3 Cold Fusion Generators. It costs 400 crystal and 200 metal.

A Power Plant module, which increases the efficiency of the whole complex by 25%. Automatic, electronic module of control and correction of plasma stability, optimizing the efficiency of General Electric PG4-54D Hellfire generators.