The UCS Refinery is a building in Earth 2150 and Earth 2160.

Earth 2150 Edit

This building adds the rescources to your account, rather than send them to the Space Port like the Ore Transport Base.

Earth 2160 Edit

UCS2160 Refinery

This building, when completed, also gives you one Termite to start excavating rescources. It has four possible expansion pads.

Complex processing center, equipped with a landing zone (for a "Termite" class mining unit), an energy force field generator and a molecular spatial transmitter for transporting processed materials.

Refinery Landing Zine Edit

This expansion, visible on the front of the above image, adds an additional Landing Zone to your Refinery. This is handy if you have many Termites qued on a single Refinery; it drasticially reduces "wait times" for the Termites, allowing you to gain rescources faster. It also comes with a Termite when completed.

A Refinery landing module for "Termite" class mining units. Increases efficiency by relieving some of the air traffic congestion on the refinery main landing field. Each landing zone comes with a “Termite” class mining unit.

Storage Edit

This expansion, of which two are visible on the back of the above image, has two functions; it increases you total unit limit and increases the total amount of rescources you can have in Storage.

Refinery module for storing processed resources. Equipped with teleportation system terminal operating within the processing complex perimeter.