The Rocket Launcher is a weapon used by all factions (the United Civilized StatesEurasian Dynasty and Lunar Corporation) in Earth 2150.


The Rocket Launcher is a simple, indirect fire weapon with four upgrades which increase its damage and rate of fire, and four Ammunition upgrades which increase the frequency of a homing projectile. It has an airborne counterpart and can be mounted on almost every unit in the game in some form or another, and can be mounted on building hardpoints.

Additionally, the Rocket Launcher is able to target both ground and air targets, and can reasonably damage anything whiel ignoring shielding. Because of this, development of the Rocket Launcher also serves to render the 20mm Cannon obsolete as it can be mounted on anything the 20mm cannon can be..

From there, the Rocket Launcher can be used to research the Heavy Rocket Launcher.

Equipping UnitsEdit

The following units can mount this weapon:

Eurasian DynastyEdit

United Civilized StatesEdit

Lunar CorporationEdit