The T-100 Pamir is the most basic specialized combat vehicle used by the Eurasian Dynasty in Earth 2150.

Background InformationEdit

The TT model was developed from the American Abrams M2. To adapt the design to 22nd Century demands, the scientists modified it so that one man could operate it. The steering stand is situated inside the chassis right beneth the turret, giving the operator better protection. A targeting computer installed in the turret controls the firing. Although it isn't a particularly large unit, it comes with high-quality armor enabling it to take part in very dangerous operations. It can also travel over most type of terrian. Unfortunately, the generator is not powerful enough for a laser weapon.

-Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet manual. Page 32.

In-Game Upgrades and DevelopmentEdit

As stated, the Pamir is unable to mount laser weapons, nor can it mount ion cannons or shields, meaning it rapidly goes obsolete in the face of energy weapons. The Pamir can be armed with the following weaponry, and is thus effected by upgrades to said weapons.

In addition, it has two hull upgrades, allowing it to upgrade up to being the TT-120 Pamir. The TT-110 is required to unlock the Kruszchev heavy tank, which is in turn required to unlock the HT-800 Ural, making the TT-100 Pamir the "roots" of the ED Tank tree.

It is replaced by the T-850 Rasputin in Earth 2160, which is a fitting replacement for the 170-year-old M1 Abrams.