Earth 2160 Phoenix

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the UCS evactuation ship.

Characteristics Edit

The Phoenix is a giant, saucer shaped vessel. It appears to be the largest of the evacuation ships that left the Earth, housing hundreds of thousands of humans, all UCS technology, and an unspecified amount of UCS battle mechs.

Earth 2150 Edit

In Earth 2150, the President of the UCS (the player) is tasked with securing 1 000 000 credits to build the ship.

During the game, videos may appear showing the UCS citizens the progress of the ship's construction. The player will also receive messages in their main base, giving details on how much resources have been sent / had to be sent for the current and next construction phase.

Earth 2160 Edit

In Earth 2160, the two other major factions (the ED and LC) have successfully reached Mars and have started colonizing the Red Planet. The Phoenix, however, has dissapeared. No-one knows what happened to the giant ship, and all of it's passengers. The most popular theory is that the ship was destroyed by a meteorite, while others claim a bug in the AI caused the ship to set sail into deep space.

They were all proven wrong, however, when the rogue ED commander Michael R. Falkner and the rogue LC commander Ariah stumbled across the ship. Initially, they were unable to board the ship, as it was protected by a powerful shield, emitted from the nearby planet. After destroying the generator, they were able to board the ship and convince the AI captain to set sail for Eden.

When arriving at Eden, they found an LC base. This base awoke the Aliens, and as a result, the surrounding area is heavily infected with alien forces. The UCS forces were able to destroy the Aliens, and finally started to colonize the UCS citizens on Eden.

The campaign ends with Ariah and Falkner aboard the Phoenix, watching as the Alien gate activates and an unknown object comes through.

What happens to the ship afterwards is not known.